• Advise the Air Traffic Services (120.60 MHz) of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).
  • Once clear of runway, contact Senior Operations Officer - Airport Protection Service (121.9 MHz) for parking instructions.
  • Persons shall disembark the aircraft and proceed to Immigration/Customs for processing.
  • If you require ground handling services:
    • Please advise us of the name of your Ground Handling Agency
    • If none, one can be assigned on arrival.

Immigration Requirements:

Customs Requirements

  1. Inbound General Declaration Form
  2. Jamaica Immigration / Customs Card
  3. Passport / Travel documents
  4. PCC - Pilot's Certificate to be completed and submitted to the IFIA customer service representative at the Administrative Office/desk.
  5. Passengers are issued Jamaica Immigration / Customs clearance forms to be completed and given to the respective handling agent or directly to the Immigration and Customs Officers.
  6. Ground Transportation arrangement is made for passengers and crew if needed. Taxi service attracts an additional fee and are available on site when required.

International Flights

If the flight is of an International origin

  1. The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) or his assigned ground-handling agent then proceeds to Immigration and Customs with three (3) copies of the Inbound General Declaration Form for inbound clearance.
  2. The PIC is then presented with forms for completion and submission to the relevant Government Agencies.


The Pilot in Command completes and submits the following forms to the relevant Agencies and makes payment accordingly.

Immigration Requirements

NOTE: Pilots who intend to land at other aerodromes/airports in the country must collect a Coastwise Clearance form from the Customs Department if the aircraft is not Jamaica registered (6Y***).

Immigration Requirements


All payments to the Airports Authority of Jamaica are made at the IFIA Administration Office. 

Visa, Master card, Discover NCB Key Card, Multilink Debit Card or US$ cash are accepted. Payment for fuel is made directly to the respective fuel companies. Handling agencies collect their respective service charges.